Sun and Coasts

Americas West Coast is inspirational for both its scenery and lifestyle. Fog-shrouded mountain ranges, desert landscapes, sun-drenched vineyards, lush forests, sandy beaches and windswept bays provide the backdrop to huge cities and sprawling suburbs. Comprising "sunshine state" California as well as Oregon and Washington, the West Coast is best known for its laidback lifestyle and variety of attractions. Whether youre looking for art, entertainment, history or culture, West Coast USA truly has it all.

Americas East Coast is home to some of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and holiday destinations in the whole of the United States. Regarded as bustling and busy compared to the West Coasts laidback and languid, this area of the States has every ingredient for an unforgettable holiday. Visitors both young and young at heart can immerse themselves in the worlds top theme parks right in Orlando, Florida. This state also boasts the Latin culture and cuisine, non-stop nightlife and amazing beaches of Miami.

If there is a better place on earth for sun, sea and sand then someone should tell the tourists who return year on year to Hawaii - because to them there is nowhere better. Certainly Hawaii has some of the finest beaches in the United States and there are plenty of opportunities to have fun with some excellent water sports, a unique nightlife that centres on local traditions and a chance to learn more about some of the islands ancient civilisations.

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