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Spectacular scenery, incredible sights and vibrant cities are just some of the many things you’ll discover on a tour. From the awesome Canadian Rockies and the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the sights and sounds of New Orleans and the heart of country music in Nashville, we’re waiting to take you on a journey of a lifetime.

We offer Escorted Tours in USA and Canada, Self Drive Holidays across North America, New York City Packages and more. journeys represent great value for money and are designed to suit you - the perfect combination of sightseeing and relaxation. You’ll enjoy comfortable accommodation, good quality transport and friendly staff who are always on hand to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

So are you ready for your dream journey ?

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Escorted Coach Tours USA

Our rich and comprehensive programmes attracting both first-time and return visitors let you enjoy the immense diversity of the United States. There are many ways and means to explore the beauty of this country, but only by choosing you can experience the real comfort and luxury of an escorted coach tour.

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Escorted Coach Tours Canada

Our various escorted coach tours cover all the regions of Canada and suit every budget. With the help of professional tour directors you will explore the wonders of this country. By choosing our escorted coach tours in Canada you get the best chance to experience adventures and travel in comfort at the same time.

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Self Drive Tours

Imagine the freedom of driving the great open roads of the States ! Our self-drive holidays offer you a great choice of popular itineraries and give you the luxury of providing you with detailed driving instructions and guaranteed hotel accommodations along the whole trip. Are you ready to explore America in this independent yet smartly organized w...

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Alaska Tours

Alaska is truly different destination in every way. You will be amazed by its glaciers and mountains, unique Native cultures, so as by its lovely cities and towns, not to mention its wonderful wildlife. Alaska offers you attractions from mild to wild.

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New York Holidays

Welcome to New York City. Where to take the first bit into the Big Apple? Breath-taking, mind-blowing, disturbing and calming - all of that is New York. The place you always wanted to visit is waiting for you to explore it now. Remember Woody Allen’s movies, Sex and City or Gossip girl - nice tries to picture the atmosphere of NYC - but nothing co...

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City and Hawaii Packages

Visit USA in your own rhythm and style! Our tailor made package holidays and city breaks take you to the best destinations in the United States and Canada. Explore amazing cities and breath-taking landscapes.

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